We The Kingdom - Tabernacle Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Tabernacle
  • Album: We The Kingdom
  • Artist: We The Kingdom
  • Released On: 16 Sep 2022
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We The Kingdom Tabernacle

Tabernacle Lyrics

I am the tabernacle
of the most high God
His Holy Spirit dwells inside of me
I will live my life
to glorify my King
I am a vessel for His majesty
Oh praise the Lord
Come bless the Maker
Lift up your voices
And lift them high
When we are washed
By the blood of Jesus
We walk in freedom
From death to life
His revival purifies
my heart and soul
I obey because I love Him
He has torn down strongholds
by His Word alone
I have been set free from every sin
When trouble comes
God I will call
Call on Your Holy Name
You pick me up
Before I fall
Now that’s amazing grace

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