Vengeance Rising - Among The Dead Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Among the Dead
  • Album: Once Dead (Remastered)
  • Artist: Vengeance Rising
  • Released On: 09 Jul 2010
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Vengeance Rising Among The Dead

Among The Dead Lyrics

Do you see the people, lying in their living graves
Knowing not the Mystery, totally depraved
The backdrop of the Law, shows man the sinner that he is
Doesn't need to be some heinous crime, point out what Adam did

THAT is the reason
WHY we are here
TELL 'EM of Salvation
The WORK of God is dear
LET the light shine
OUT and darkness ends
ADOPTED children
We walk among the dead

Awaiting the Hour preparing for war
To slay the deniers of Christ
Until that day, invite them
Come and be one with us in Christ

Time here is so short, as the elders do know
Listen up ambassadors for Christ
Redeem the time, I'm calling you
To get out there and fight

There's action thats needed, the call, your to heed it
Eternitys coming, they're entering hell
And there blinded by satan, in darkness so great
That they don't even know what it is that they fall on
But you need to understand, just what they believe, so check it out

We wait for the King, and till he comes we occupy
Forcefully advancing, no need to wonder why

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