VeggieTales - Sport Utility Vehicle Lyrics

Sport Utility Vehicle Lyrics

Larry- I like your car.
Girl- I like Yours too.
Larry- Is It a Jeep?
Girl- A Subaru.
Larry- I like your tires.
Girl- You've got nice chrome.
Larry- A trailer hitch ?
Girl- Left Mine at home
Larry- Oh your suspension it suspends me over heights I've never known.
Girl- And your roll bar is to die for. By the way, I like your chrome.
Larry-You already said that.
Girl- Did I ?
Girl- Oh.
Both: Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles, cruisin' to 7-11 for a bag of Frito-Lays! Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles, we'll slam into 4 wheel and pick up a dozen eggs. And if there ever was a snow... y'know.
Girl- A really really deep snow...
Larry: And if everyone was stuck but us
Girl- We'd be the ones not stuck
Larry- Then we could be the heroes.
Girl- We could be the heroes.
Both- Yeah we would be the herooooooos..
Larry- We would push them and pull them....
Girl- push them and pull them...
Both- Push them and pull them right out of the snooooooooow.
Girl- I like your car
Larry- I like yours too
Girl- Periwinkle?
Larry- Its baby blue
Girl- Hows it handle?
Larry- Like a dream
Girl- How 'bout coffee
Larry- and then Ice cream!
Both- OOoooh. You and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles cruisin' to Dunkin Donuts for a cup of steaming Joe! Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles we'll slam into 4-wheel drive for a scoop of rocky road.
Girl- And if we ever go campin,.. y'know
Larry- Haven't been but one day.. I'll go
Girl- And we find a ranger stuck in a ditch
Both- A nice ranger in a deep ditch.
Girl- Then we could be the heroes.
Larry- Oh, we could be the heroes.
Both- Yeah, we could be the heroes...
Girl- We would push him and pull him
Larry- Push him and pull him...
Both- Push him and pull him right out of that ditch.
Larry- I like your car
Girl- I like yours too
Larry- Is it a Jeep?
Both- Its my Sport Utility Vehicle

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