The War Within

Out of My Grave Lyrics

Light fading all around 
My life shaken, crumbled down
All around me
Heartbroken, bruised, and torn
Hope hidden by the storm 
And I can’t see

I was barely surviving
Sinking beneath the waves
You called me by my name
Roaring upon the wind

When I was in my grave
You raised me up to sing
And dance upon the promises You made
My chains have fallen off
Can’t hold me down at all
My freedom found in falling at Your feet Jesus

When nothing stays the same
My God has never changed
And he holds me
Heartbroken, bruised, and torn
But in Jesus name reborn
In Jesus name reborn

You called me by name
Out of the grave
Out of my grave
I will rise
No guilt or shame
No fear or pain
Never the same
Never the same

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