The Talleys - Life Goes On Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Life Goes On
  • Album: The Ultimate Collection
  • Artist: The Talleys
  • Released On: 19 Mar 2013
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The Talleys Life Goes On

Life Goes On Lyrics

Verse 1
When the world as you know it has ended
And the darkness won't give way to dawn
In your hour of grief its so hard to believe life goes on.

When you pray for a way to endure it
But a part of your heart is gone
Though you can't see it now, still you know somehow
life goes on.

Life goes on
There is never an end
What was dead lives again
Jesus promised that life goes on
For the ones who believe
will live eternally
So don't fear the great unknown
Remember that life goes on.

Verse 2
So say to the doubt that would keep you
in a place you have never belonged
I have nothing to dread for my Father said
life goes on
And one day when death comes to call you
Say farewell to this world that you've known
As you leave earth behind you will wake to find
life goes on.

Our troubles will end all the trials will pass
And our tears will all be dry
When the struggle is over all sorrow will cease
And death itself will die.

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