The Response Band - Anchor Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: Anchor
  • Album: Anchor - Single
  • Artist: The Response Band
  • Released On: 07 Aug 2020
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The Response Band Anchor

Anchor Lyrics

When I look to You
I see everything more clearly
All the waves around me fade out of view      
When I’m here with You
Perfect love redeems my story    
Every trial becomes a promise renewed

You’re the calm when the oceans roar
You’re the peace when my world’s in chaos
You are steady when my doubts rage on 
You’re the anchor tethered to my heart
You’re the light when the night is long  
You’re the voice leading my way through it all
In the heights or the valley low
You’re the anchor tethered to my heart

Verse 2
Now I look to You    
And remember what You told me     
You will give me all I need to pull through
Now I’m here with You
With a word You bring the morning
Every fear in me replaced with the truth  

May my life bear fruit of the vine I’m holding to  
In the rain and drought all the same
May my shelter be in the shadow of Your wings    
My foundation, my Anchor, my King  

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