The Cross Movement - The King's Speech Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The King's Speech Intro
  • Album: Gift Rap
  • Artist: The Cross Movement
  • Released On: 22 Feb 2004
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The Cross Movement The King's Speech

The King's Speech Lyrics

Have you ever heard speech like this?
My heart beats as I hear speech like this
Certain man a try a ting
I ain't tryna diss but I never heard speech like this

Have you ever seen speech like this?
Witness a scene that speeched like this
Articulated with spiritual fitness
Left teachers speechless at speech like this

From birth His deeds formed words that were clearly heard
By all the called witnesses, shepherds and angels saw the king born on road
Wrapped in swaddling clothed in meekness
Actions speak louder than words
And when I see the words they make my heart burn with bliss
Like when God speeched with moses His face glowed
That's how my soul feels son kissed

(Tha Pilgrim)
Check the extent of what it all meant
I'm the mongrel & instead of me died the pedigree
In order to whip the enemy who thought the remedy would end up in gethsemene
This child He ain't a minor, He's major
He made ya, He made the wood for the manger
His love will amaze ya, on your wretched behaviour
He'll pour out grace & still save ya


The king came with some to say but today we ain't nutten to say
Most rappers chat foolishness, nuff preachers labrish
Abuse the truth, confuse with their looseness
Ahhhh what more can I say
The king's message has to resonate the airwaves
We don't take this for joke, we don't ramp and don't play
We reverberate the statement He made

(Tha Pilgrim)
Breddrin, the man can't fumble the man's so humble
I never ever seen the man grumble
This world is rotten & fungal
Yet He, left His heavenly home for this jungle
And lowered Himself to that of a refuse collector
The plan was become a garbage man
Going through the junk heaps, salvaging peeps, spiritually sweeping the

Shhhh – listen to the king's speech
Hush listen to the king's speech
From the cradle to the grave to the day He was raised
Everything about His life was the message that he blazed
Shhhh – listen to the king's speech
Hush listen to the king's speech
All day every day we'll fast & we'll pray
Bring the sound around your way & wont let the speech fade

(Tha Pilgrim)
Yo, I got a mind full of peace & a heart full of bliss
That's why we spit like this
Walking in new life the old one I don't miss
That's why we spit like this
He healed the blind the deaf & the mute, now with mended lips we spit like this
Were connected like a break to a disc, like a hand to a wrist
So we spit like this


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