Tenth Avenue North + The Young Escape - No Shame Lyrics

No Shame Lyrics

So many times 
I havenʼt been true
Iʼve kept myself from You 
Didnʼt know I could be honest
I thought Youʼd walk away 
But then there are times 
Grace gets in and I can tell it like it is
No more lies keeping light from my shadows
Got me feeling like a boy who has
No shame

Im so free yeah it feels like Iʼm stealing
Iʼm so free I ainʼt scared of the ceiling
I can look like a fool and enjoy it
I can cry like a man and I own it
It may look like Iʼm broke but Iʼm healing
Learning to bring everything that Iʼm feeling 
So forgiven man itʼs hard to explain it
Iʼm finally living with no shame

I look in Your eyes 
Full of tenderness
And it doesnʼt make sense 
You see me just as I am 
And Iʼm never too much
Lord I gave You all my blame 
You gave me a new name
Your love keeps pulling me 
From my shadows
Got me feeling like a boy who has no shame

And the more I am floored 
By all of Your love
The weight is off my shoulders
And the less I obsess to please everyone
The weight is off my shoulders

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