Stewart Mwakasege - Glory Hallelujah Lyrics

Glory Hallelujah Lyrics

When I was lost I looked
Up as the clouds rolled in
And as the rain fell down
I felt the fear creep in
But with the break of day
You gave me hope again
You taught me to pray
You taught me to say
There will be a brand new day
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory hallelu
Through the clouds my Help is coming
Glory hallelujah
Even when I lose strength
And when my heart’s a mess
You bring Your steadfast love
And I bring my tender yes
And in the face of grief
I will hold on to You
I will receive the faith to believe
There will be a brand new day
There our tears will fade away
There we’ll see You face to face
In Your brilliance everything fades
In a brand new day

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