Steve Green - You're My God Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: You're My God
  • Album: Somewhere Between
  • Artist: Steve Green
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2005
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Steve Green You're My God

You're My God Lyrics

My soul was in darkness from birth
Unable to find meaning on earth
Yet through all of my days You were there
Though nature told of Your fame
Finally You spoke and called me by name
Now You're my end and beginning
Father of mercy to me

You're my God
You will always be
Though You live in the light
You reach down through the dark of my night
You're my God
You will always be
With a word You erase all my guilt, then embrace me
And take me as Your very own
You're my God

How can I try to express
All that I feel, but I must confess
As Your wonder pours over my soul
You know every secret in me
Yet graciously clothe me in Your purity
Now I can soar in Your freedom
Safe in the arms of Your love

Sing songs to me
Play me the strains of Your love
The hope of Your cross makes me sing

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You're My God Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

You're My God Lyrics -  Steve Green

"You're My God" is a powerful Christian song written and performed by Steve Green. With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody, the song encapsulates the essence of surrendering to God's love and finding redemption through His grace.

1. The Meaning Behind "You're My God":

The song "You're My God" expresses the deep, personal relationship between the singer and God. It reflects the journey from darkness to light, and the transformation that occurs when one encounters God's unconditional love and forgiveness. The lyrics beautifully capture the longing to be embraced by His presence and the overwhelming gratitude for His mercy.

2. The Inspiration and Story Behind the Song:

The song resonates with those who have felt lost, broken, and in need of God's intervention. It speaks to the transformative power of encountering God's love and grace.

3. Biblical References:

a) Psalm 27:1 - "The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?" This verse reflects the theme of finding light in darkness and refuge in God's presence, which is beautifully echoed in the lyrics of "You're My God."

b) Psalm 51:2 - "Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin." These words highlight the desire for forgiveness and purification, which is a central theme in the song. It speaks of God's ability to eradicate guilt and offer a fresh start.

c) Ephesians 2:4-5 - "But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved." This verse captures the core message of the song - the overwhelming love and mercy of God that brings redemption and new life.

4. The Song's Structure and Melody:

"You're My God" is a heartfelt ballad that begins with a soulful reflection on the darkness and emptiness experienced before encountering God. The lyrics then shift to the moment of revelation, when God's voice calls the singer by name. This powerful encounter leads to a declaration of faith and surrender to God's will. The melody perfectly complements the emotional depth of the lyrics, evoking a sense of longing, gratitude, and awe.

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"You're My God" by Steve Green is a heartfelt song that beautifully encapsulates the journey of surrender and redemption in the Christian faith. Its lyrics convey the longing to be embraced by God's love and the overwhelming gratitude for His mercy. The song's inspiration may draw from universal Christian experiences of finding light in darkness and experiencing God's transformative grace. With biblical references that relate to themes of surrender, forgiveness, and encountering God's presence, "You're My God" serves as a powerful reminder of the depth of God's love and the transformative power of His redemption.

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