Sandi Patty + Larnelle Harris + Steve Green - seekers of your heart Lyrics

seekers of your heart Lyrics

Until we give You first place
Until we let You begin
To fill us with your spirit
Renew us from within
Nothing matters
Nothing's gained
Without your Holy presence
Our lives are lived in vain

Lord we want to know You
Live our lives to show You
All the love we owe You
We're seekers of your heart

Because your heart was broken
Because You saw the need
Because You gave so freely
Because of Calvary
We can now be
Called your own
Completed creations
Filled with You alone

Lord we want to know You
Live our lives to show You
All the love we owe You
We're seekers of your heart

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seekers of your heart Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

"Seekers of Your Heart" is a profound Christian song performed by Sandi Patty, Larnelle Harris, and Steve Green, three powerhouses in the Christian music industry. This song is a beautiful ode to the Christian journey of seeking a closer relationship with God and understanding His will in our lives. Its lyrics are rich in scriptural references and themes, making it a piece that not only uplifts but also teaches and encourages deep reflection on one's faith journey.

### Meaning of the Song

At its core, "Seekers of Your Heart" is a prayer and a declaration. It's an acknowledgment of the human condition without God's presence and leadership—pointing out that without Him, our efforts and achievements are essentially meaningless. The song is an invitation for God to take the central place in our lives, to fill us with His Spirit, and guide our paths. It reflects the desire to know God more intimately and to live a life that truly reflects His love and grace.

### Lyrics Breakdown and Analysis

- **Opening Verses:** The song begins with a plea for God to be the first in everything, emphasizing the futility of life without His presence. This echoes the sentiment found in Ecclesiastes 2:11, where Solomon, after exploring all pleasures and achievements, concludes that everything is meaningless without God.

- **Chorus:** The chorus, "Lord, we want to know You, live our lives to show You, all the love we owe You, we're seekers of Your heart," reflects the Christian's ultimate goal—to know God and make Him known. It resonates with the Greatest Commandment found in Matthew 22:37-39, which calls believers to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and to love their neighbors as themselves.

- **Second Verse:** The song continues to describe the reasons for seeking God's heart, pointing to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross (the reference to Calvary) as the ultimate act of love that enables believers to be called God's own. This is a direct reflection of John 3:16 and Romans 5:8, which speak of God's love and the gift of Jesus for humanity's salvation.

### Bible Verses References

- **Ecclesiastes 2:11** highlights the emptiness of life without God, a theme that the song begins with.
- **Matthew 22:37-39** commands us to love God and others, paralleling the song's chorus about living lives that reflect God's love.
- **John 3:16** and **Romans 5:8** are mirrored in the song's verses that talk about Jesus' sacrifice and the love that motivated it, encouraging believers to seek a relationship with God because of what Jesus has done for us.

### Conclusion

"Seekers of Your Heart" is a beautifully crafted song that captures the essence of the Christian faith: the desire to know God more deeply and to live in a way that reflects His love and grace to the world. Through its scripturally rich lyrics, it encourages believers to prioritize their relationship with God, recognizing that life's true purpose and fulfillment are found in Him. The song serves as a reminder and an inspiration for all who seek to live a life centered on God's heart. seekers of your heart Lyrics -  Sandi Patty

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