Steve Green - Sing Children Sing Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Sing Children Sing
  • Album: People Need the Lord - Number Ones
  • Artist: Steve Green
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2012
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Steve Green Sing Children Sing

Sing Children Sing Lyrics

Father, Abba Father
We humbly come before You
Hear us and draw near us
As children at rest in Your arms
We find peace and safety secure from all fear and alarm
Sing children sing, let all His children sing

Jesus, loving Savior
Constant companion
Creator, yet our brother
We lift holy hands and applaud
For we who were paupers are now sons and daughters of God

Sing, children sing
Let your voices ring
Sing, children sing
A joyous refrain like the sound of a sweet summer rain

Spirit, Holy Spirit
Promise from heaven
Our comfort and our teacher
We live to abide in Your love
Finding our joy as we set our affections above

Sing children sing
Let all His grateful children sing

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