Shawn McDonald - World's Apart Lyrics

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  • Song Title: World's Apart
  • Album: Brave
  • Artist: Shawn McDonald
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2014
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Shawn McDonald World's Apart

World's Apart Lyrics

Cathedral tops, city blocks, cobblestone, and London shops
The cliffs of perth for what it's worth
Where the sea meets the earth
We're worlds apart, we're worlds apart

Painted by the London lights
Beauty in the dead of night
Sacred walks and olive trees
Wall that brings me to my knees
We're worlds apart, we're worlds apart

And don't you see, you'll always be
Always be the world to me
After all just believe
You'll always be the one for me

Deep blue sky and fields of wheat
Sailing through the golden sea
We're worlds apart
Mountains peering through the clouds
Glacier beauty singing loud
We're worlds apart

I travel far, I travel long all to find that you're my home

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