Rivers & Robots - Wait For You Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Wait for You
  • Album: The Eternal Son
  • Artist: Rivers & Robots
  • Released On: 20 May 2016
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Rivers & Robots Wait For You

Wait For You Lyrics

How long now, until You come
Until we see You, as the Eternal Son
Just like the evening for the morning sun
We wait for You

There will be a day when we are one
Together in a city made of pure gold
And we will be forever in Your love
I just want to be with You my God
I just want to be with You forever
In the glory and the beauty of Your love

I know God, You will surely come
You have promised, and You're the faithful one
So hear the Spirit and the bride say 'come'
We wait for You

Then when You come,
The Bridegroom and bride will be one
There'll be no need for the sun
'Cause You will be the light
Then when we meet
There'll be the greatest of feasts
Your face I will finally see
As You wipe the tears from my eyes

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