Rivers & Robots - Forevermore Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Forevermore
  • Album: Discovery
  • Artist: Rivers & Robots
  • Released On: 14 Sep 2018
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Rivers & Robots Forevermore

Forevermore Lyrics

From the moment that You spoke light into darkness
All time and space began its course
As Your hand stretched out the heavens like a curtain
Every living thing, Your word brought forth
And all of creation sings Your song
The stars and the oceans join as one
Proclaiming the glory of the Son
Oh Son of God You came as flesh and bone
On the cross You bore the weight of sin
And You rescued us and called us as Your own
Lord You tore the veil and brought us in
And all of my sin was laid on You
As You gave Your life to make me new
You rose from the grave, so I can too
Oh my redeemer

Now You're seated at the right hand of the Father
With Your ransomed ones around Your throne
And You're bringing Earth and Heaven back together
In a place that we can call our home
One day we'll see You face to face
With angels and saints we'll sing Your praise
And worship the name above all names

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