Light Will Dawn Lyrics

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Light Will Dawn Lyrics

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As Earth starts to shake 
The sleeping awake 
Dawn starts to break 
And life will be forever changed 

Despite what they say 
Your love will remain 
You'll come again 
And on that day the son will reign 

Though darkness surrounds 
The Lord will arise and light will dawn across this land 

In joy and in pain 
I trust in Your name 
My rock, you sustain 
You're faithful and you never change 

You are really coming back 
And I know I will see You face to face my God 
One day every knee will bow 
And one day every tongue confess that You are God 

And I believe that I will see 
The goodness of The Lord while I'm breathing 
So I will trust upon Your name 
You are my hope and my strength

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