Riley Clemmons - Godsend Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Godsend
  • Album: Godsend
  • Artist: Riley Clemmons
  • Released On: 04 Jun 2021
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Riley Clemmons Godsend

Godsend Lyrics

I had added it up
I had made every plan
But the road I had paved turned into dust 
And I just didn’t understand
Prayed for You to show up
Laid my weapons down 
Surrendered to Your love
Looking back now 
Every closed door
Every single sharp thorn 
Every answer that didn’t make sense
What if maybe they were just teaching me
To depend on Your strength in the dark days
All my tears got me crying out to You again 
What if maybe every broken place I’ve been was a Godsend
Was a Godsend
Was a Godsend
Even if I didn’t know it then
It was a Godsend
I-remember being convinced
There’d never been a winter so cold
Turns out spring was around the corner
You were turning it into gold 
And yeah I couldn’t feel You
And it was hard to breathe 
But I realized I need you
And that’s why there’s beauty in...
God, send more mountains that I need Your help to move
God, send all the rain if it brings me close to You

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Godsend Lyrics -  Riley Clemmons

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