Royal Blood Lyrics

We were the joy set before your eyes
Before you ever came to split the skies
Took all the blame and paid our ransom price 
By Your Love and Your Blood

Then like a King You broke the back of sin 
And hope came in just like a rushing wind 
Now every heart can freely enter in
By Your Love and Your Blood

Your Royal Blood was spilled for us to call us 
Kings who have overcome 
Your Royal Blood now covers us 
Your favor shines on us like the sun 
You DECREE forever we are ROYALTY
Once You seated us in Your great love by your royal blood

Now we know just who we’re called to be
A chosen people you call Kings and Priests 
We’ll shake the nations and the seven seas 
By Your Love and Your Blood

Here till forever God we’ll reign with You
All because Your Royal Blood Broke through 
Now every song we sing will speak of You 
And Your Love and Your Blood

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Source: Royal Blood Lyrics - Richlin