Relient K - Inside of Love Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Inside of Love
  • Album: Is for Karaoke
  • Artist: Relient K
  • Released On: 04 Oct 2011
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Relient K Inside of Love

Inside of Love Lyrics

Watching terrible tv
It kills all thought
Getting spacier than
An astronaut
Making out with people
I hardly know or like
I can't believe what i do
Late at night
I wanna know what it's like
On the inside of love
I'm standing at the gates
I see the beauty above
Only when we get to see
The aerial view
Will the patterns show
We'll know what to do
I know the last page so well
I can't see the first
So i just don't start
It's getting worse
I can't find my way in
I try again and again
I'm on the outside of love
Always under or above
Must be a different view
To be a me with a you
Of course i'll be alright
I just had a bad night

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