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God Help Me by Rebecca St. James

Song Information
  • Song Title: God Help Me
  • Album: The Ultimate Collection: Rebecca St. James
  • Artist: Rebecca St. James
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2008
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

God Help Me Lyrics

From the deep I cry
I am needing change in my life
I have let the cold creep in and lock my ability to feel (deeply)
Just now a shaft of light shot through my soul
Opening up the windows and the doors
Reaching to the corners and my flaws
Showing my need

I'm running out of time to live
Running out of love to give
Running out of life within

God help me

I don't care who stares
Never want to be what I have been again
Grace has taken over and drawn me in and I am embracing it
'Cause now I see Your light drawing me close
Overwhelming love I don't deserve
But I'll take the hope You bring, You hold it out to me
Without You

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