Planetshakers - There's Freedom Lyrics

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  • Song Title: There's Freedom
  • Album: Even Greater
  • Artist: Planetshakers
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2010
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Planetshakers There's Freedom

There's Freedom Lyrics

Verse 1:
We gather your praises
We're making it loud
And all of creation
Will join in the sound

The song of your freedom
Is all around
And we the redeemed will
Shout it out

This is the shout of victory
This is the shout 'cos we are free

You are high and lifted up
More than anything
All creation lifts You higher and higher
We shout this song of victory
And we'll keep singing
In Jesus there's freedom

This is the moment this is the hour
This is the time we're gonna shout it out
You are our freedom You are alive
Jesus Jesus

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