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Throne Room Song Lyrics

Jesus is in this room Here right now, here right now
Making this place I stand Holy ground, holy ground

Verse 2
Your Spirit moves and breathes All around, all around
All good and perfect things Flowing down, flowing down

If all of the heavens are singing along
With the saints and the elders in glorious song
And the praises they sing never seem to get old
Then I’ll stay here forever singing

Holy, holy, holy Lord
God almighty, over all
You were, you are and you’ll be forever
The King, enthroned in glorious splendor
Holy, holy Lord
(You’re are holy, holy Lord)

Verse 3
Gentle love calling me Closer still, closer still
Jesus You’re guiding me To Your will, to Your will

The veil is torn and the doors fling wide
I see glory, as I run inside
Your throne room, before You, I bow, (I bow)

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