Behold Him

Behold Him Lyrics

He who was before there was light
Walked across the pages of time
He who made every living thing
Behold Him .

He who heard humanity’s cry
Left His throne to wake as a child
He became like the least of us
Behold Him .

Son of God, Messiah
The Lamb, the roaring Lion
Oh, be still and behold Him
Alpha and Omega
Our God, the Risen Savior
Oh, be still and behold Him .

He who dined with sinners and saints
Healed the blind, the lost and the lame
Even now He is in our midst
Behold Him .

He who chose a criminal’s end
Paid with blood to settle our debt
Buried death as He rose to life
Behold Him .

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Worthy, worthy, worthy
To receive all praise


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