Paul Baloche + Kim Walker - Behold Him Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Behold Him (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  • Album: Behold Him (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) - Single
  • Artist: Paul Baloche
  • Released On: 18 Oct 2019
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Paul Baloche Behold Him

Behold Him Lyrics

He who was before there was light
Walked across the pages of time
He who made every living thing
Behold Him

He who heard humanity’s cry
Left His throne to wake as a child
He became like the least of us
Behold Him

Son of God, Messiah
The Lamb, the roaring Lion
Oh, be still and behold Him
Alpha and Omega
Our God, the Risen Savior
Oh, be still and behold Him

He who dined with sinners and saints
Healed the blind, the lost and the lame
Even now He is in our midst
Behold Him

He who chose a criminal’s end
Paid with blood to settle our debt
Buried death as He rose to life
Behold Him

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Worthy, worthy, worthy
To receive all praise

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