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Old Bones New Life by Pastor Brad

Song Information
  • Song Title: Old Bones New Life
  • Album: Telecaster
  • Artist: Pastor Brad
  • Released On: 12 Apr 2005
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Old Bones New Life Lyrics

Verse 1
Here we go!
Sometimes I feel like a bunch of dry bones just a layin' in a field!
All dried up!
All worn out!
I feel like my fate is sealed!

That's when your Holy Spirit comes and breathes upon those bones!
Just like the prophet Ezekiel said ...
You come and take me home!

Breathin' new life into old dry bones, that's what the Lord's about!
Pickin' us up when we fall down!
Givin' us a reason to shout "Hey"!
There ain't nothin' better than the love of the Lord dwellin' in your heart!
And if you open up and give him a chance you can make a brand new start!

Verse 2
I wake up Monday mornin' with an overwelming feelin' of dread!
And all I wanna do is kill the alarm and stay right here in bed!

Instrumental solo

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