Most High - Adonai You are the Most High

by Nosa in Inspiring Worship Songs 2 comments

More precious than Sharon’s roses
You are the God of Glory
The angels declare You’re Holy
They cry Hallelujah
You are perfect in Your ways
With You are there are no mistakes
The works of Your hands declare Your praise
They say Hallelujah .

Adonai (Lord God), You are the Most High
El Shaddai (God Almighty), You are the Most High God
King on High, You are the Most High
We say Ha-lle-lu-jah .

The stars cannot match Your brightness, Lord
You give the sun its light
In You does my soul delight, yes Lord
We join the Hosts of Heaven
Lifting our hands up high
We cast our crowns before You
We cry Hallelujah! .

Response: Hallelujah
Let my trumpet trump
All creation sings Your praises
To the Most High God
Hallelujah, God to the King of kings
To the One who was and is and is to come


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  • This Music Is A Spirit Song

    This song is a melodious song that I've not heard before 2 months ago

  • Priscilla Pam

    Love the song so inspiring 5 months ago

  • Nosa



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    Bible Verses for Most High - Adonai You are the Most High

    Exodus 6 : 3

    I let myself be seen by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as God, the Ruler of all; but they had no knowledge of my name Yahweh.

    Galatians 4 : 6

    And because you are sons, God has sent out the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, saying, Abba, Father.

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