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Anchor of Peace by North Point Worship

Song Information
  • Song Title: Anchor of Peace (feat. Lauren Lee) [Live From Decatur City]
  • Album: Live From Decatur City - EP
  • Artist: North Point Worship
  • Released On: 26 Mar 2021
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Anchor of Peace Lyrics

VERSE 1:  

There’s a way back home for the wondering soul  

There’s a peaceful calm for the restless one  

If you’re so far gone you can’t see the shore  

Just lift your eyes and look to the Lord  


He’s walking on water

He’ll calm your raging sea  

You don’t have look no farther  

He's the hope that you need  

If your sails are torn and tattered  

And the storm just won't cease  

Take hold of the hand of Your savior  

He's the anchor of peace  


I was breaking down at the end of my rope  

When the sweetest sound silenced the noise  

He’s the Prince of Peace, Oh the waves know His voice  

Just lift your eyes and look to the Lord  


Far from the peaceful shore  

Falling to the hopeless floor  

The wreckage of the fallout  

There was no way out  

Then I saw the lighthouse  

I was sinking when I felt Your hand  

You put my feet back on dry land  

When I was so far down  

Love made a way out  

Thank God for the lighthouse

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