Nichole Nordeman

Every Mile Lyrics

Spread the map on the table 
With the coffee stain
Put your finger on the places
Show me where you’ve been

Is that California where your teardrops dried
You drew a circle around Georgia, can you tell me why

I see should have beens, could have beens
Written all over your face
Wrong turns, and bridges burned
Things you want to change

It’s history
You can’t rewrite it
You’re not meant to be trapped inside it
Every tear brought you here
Every sorrow gathered
It’s history
But every mile mattered

Get the box off the top shelf
With the black and white 
Snapshots of your old self
In a better light
Ghosts and regrets back again
I can see it in your eyes
Send them home, let ‘em go
Don’t you think it’s time

Every road and every bend
Every bruise and bitter end
All you squandered, all you spent
It mattered, it mattered
Mercy always finds a way
To wrap your blisters up in grace
Every highway you’d erase
It mattered, it mattered

But it’s history
It don’t define ya
You’re free to leave
It all behind ya

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