Jesus Did Lyrics - Newsboys


Song Information
  • Song Title: Jesus Did
  • Album: Jesus Did - Single
  • Released On: 27 May 2022
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Jesus Did Lyrics

I was more than just a prodigal
I was feelin’ like a criminal
Undependable n’ cynical
I was a wild child

Like a bullet coming from a gun
I was reckless I was on the run
Couldn’t fathom all the damage done
I was a wild child

I didn’t think that I could ever change
Or that my heart would even want to
All the fears that I never faced
Were buildin’ lies I couldn’t break through
Nobody else could’ve reached for me
Could’ve pulled me out
Could’ve set me free
Hallelujah, Jesus Did

I see you’re carrying a heavy load
All the shame from a broken road
And the secrets that nobody knows
You’re not alone child

There’s arms stretching out for you
There’s a voice of hope that speaks the truth
And the Grace that wants to carry you back home
All I know is...

He could’ve just left me right where I was
Covered in all of my shame
Instead He reached out with mercy and love
Now all my sins are washed away

Jesus did, yes He did
Jesus did

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