Mission House - Behold Lyrics

Behold Lyrics

The empty filled, the wounded healed
The broken back together
The poor are blessed, the weary rest
We will dance forever

The blinded see, the chained are free
The doubtful now believer
The outcast known, the orphan home
You are my Redeemer

Behold, behold, behold
What love can do
Behold, behold
He’s making all things new

The lost return, the voiceless heard
The mourner now rejoicing
The mountains shake, the world awake
Creation all composing

The sad untrue, the earth renewed
The song has found its singer
The darkness light, the dead alive
You are my Redeemer

We’ve been struck down
We’re not destroyed
We’ve sown in tears
We’ll reap in joy

My eyes are open

Behold, behold

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