Michael W. Smith - Hey You It's Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Hey You - It's Me
  • Album: This Is Your Time
  • Artist: Michael W. Smith
  • Released On: 08 Nov 1999
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Michael W. Smith Hey You It's Me

Hey You It's Me Lyrics

Hey you, things to do
Live the life for faith and family
it's tough with all that stuff
Filling your head
We know the undertow
Could get us so we don't remember, but
Lest we ever, lest we ever forget

Hey you, it's me
True lovers are we
Children under the sun
Two spirits in the name of one

Hey me, got to be
Places to go and people there to see
No space, for back to base
And no time at all
We talk, walk the walk
Run the race, and climb the ladder, but
If we ever, if we ever should fall

Sometimes the smoke clears
And I see things how they are
I see how we have come so far

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