Michael W. Smith - Dreams Within The Still Of Night Lyrics

Dreams Within The Still Of Night Lyrics

Michael W. Smith and Brent Bourgeois
I remember when you took a stand
But those days don't last
Sweet dreams die fast
A stumble when you walk on the wire
When all your friends
Start caving (giving) in
The flames are burning higher and higher
Don't give up Andrea
Got the whole world at your feet
Just keep on - holding on
This is where you need to be
All the days that you've been spending
Spinning while your heart's descending
Like a stone in the ocean
Sometimes when you think the world is ending
It's really just a new beginning
The other side of emotion
But I've seen your eyes
There's no compromise
When you set your mind on the matter
Be strong through the tears
And your sight will clear
You're gonna get what you're after
Don't be surprised when the road divides
(Just) take the one less traveled by

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