Cry For Love Lyrics

Michael W. Smith contemporary


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Cry For Love Lyrics

My life is like a racing car hurting towards the wall
At the speed of sound
My time has been so finely tuned
But I've never seen a human being so tightly wound
At times it seems beyond belief
I just need a bit of relief
Like a war-weary soldier
Marching up and over the edge
Take my hand and pull me up cause I'm falling too fast
Somehow I've lost my way-I'm cryin' save me

Can you hear me... I'm calling out
I'm crying out...a cry for love
I can feel're touching me
You're healing cry for love

I will be the first to admit
I don't have the strength to handle it alone anymore
I don't have to fret, don't have to explain
All my worrying's in vain
I'm not alone anymore

Why is this so hard to believe
What is mine is mine to freely receive
Like the changing of seasons
This is the beauty of the word
And for all that I have seen and heard
Oh I wnat to come home
Somehow I'll make my way-my way home to you

Oh Father hear my call (Oh Father hear my call)
I know you'll catch me when I fall
Oh Father hear my call
I know you'll catch me when I fall
Oh I pray that you'll hold me now
Hold me
And take my fear away

I'm cryin' save me
Oh I know that you can hear me
Hear me crying out for love
Oh I know that you can feel my cry for love...ooh...

I can feel you-you're calling out
You're crying out-a cry for love
I can feel you-you're touching me
You're healing me-my cry for love