Michael O'Brien - Yours To Keep Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Yours to Keep
  • Album: Conviction
  • Artist: Michael O'Brien
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1994
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Michael O'Brien Yours To Keep

Yours To Keep Lyrics

Where a thankless world falls fast asleep
Be my praise forever, Yours to keep
Where the whims of man continue to peak
Be my ways a treasure, Yours to keep
And where a soul is searching in the night
May my life be candlelight
Where the hurt is deep and need is wide
Pour me out again, I am Yours to spend, ooh...

Where the road of life turns dark and bleak
Be my calm a radiance, Yours to keep
Where the strains of earth make holy eyes weep
Be my song a fragrance, Yours to keep
And where the needy face indifference
May Your love be evident
Where the call was clear, yet no one went
Touch my feet again, make me heaven-sent, ooh...

Give the world its device
Let me purpose in life be to love You
May my passion be true desire for You
To break me, and mold me, then make me
More like Your Son

Then as I grow old, my life complete
Be the whole endeavor, Yours to keep
When at journey's end our eyes finally meet
Be my soul forever, Yours to keep
Be my soul a treasure, Yours to keep

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh...
Yours to keep
Yours to keep
(Be my soul forever)
Yours to keep

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