Michael O'Brien - My One and Only Lyrics

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  • Song Title: My One and Only
  • Album: Something About Us
  • Artist: Michael O'Brien
  • Released On: 30 Jan 2007
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Michael O'Brien My One and Only

My One and Only Lyrics

I've been dreaming 'bout your face
Get lost and obsessed in your embrace
Just one more kiss for me would be a tragedy
if you stopped there -
it wouldn't be fair.

I'm crying out for one more touch,
but I confess, it won't be enough.
Don't want a sabbatical,
'cause I'm fanatical when it comes to you -
Baby, it's true.

Do you really know what I'm feeling?
Do you really care that you've stolen my heart?
I don't really know what I'd do without you - only love,
My one and only love

I've written songs throughout the years
to tell you, darlin', how I feel,
So, lend me your ear - tell me dear,
am I making it clear?

Everyday, I fall in love again.
That's why we'll never, no never, be just friends
One look, I was hypnotized,
now I'm mesmerized
at the thought of you.
Baby, it's true -
my one and only love.

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