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  • Agong Michael Asaan

    I can always stand when I hear this song.This song really lead me to repentance, the first day I heard it was the same day I repented.
    I prayer is,God reward her with abundance of wisdom to make more research to bring more songs like these to African and the world at large. Yahsuah Messiah be with you always. 3 months ago

  • Caroline Ikiring

    Ooh .this song keeps singing in my heart almost each day and I feel the love of Jesus flowing in me n I feel his within me.....the mercy and God bless you 5 months ago

  • Gaga Hope Daniel

    may the lord hav mercy on us amen 6 months ago

  • Hansen Mien

    This is touching.I love this and May the Lord bless you. 7 months ago

  • Benjamin Mulu

    The song is very touching my friend. God bless you 7 months ago

  • Eve

    Wooooow! This song is so touching. Makes one change his/her ways and move closer to God. 8 months ago

  • Oluwatobi Adesina

    Excess love song s all about the death of our lord jesus christ. And how jesus christ show his divine love towards us on the cross of calvary. 9 months ago

  • Catherine Modeste

    When I first hear this song
    I was blow away by the words
    Thank you Mercy Chinwo
    God bless you plenty 9 months ago

  • Sophia

    your song my dia bless my soul .when I listen to it ifil brand new and with alot of love .my country kenya.loves your song it is awonderful song .God bless you for making us understand the love of jesus christ our savior thank you and contie blessng us with more songs . 10 months ago

  • ALOMONWING Thierry

    this song is so touching that it made me cry!!! most times i feel stressed an listens to it i feel relieaved... i pray God should inspire the writer for more 11 months ago

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    Bible Verses for Excess Love

    1st John 3 : 1

    See what great love the Father has given us in naming us the children of God; and such we are. For this reason the world does not see who we are, because it did not see who he was.

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