The Reward Of His Suffering Lyrics

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The Reward Of His Suffering Lyrics

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You carried our cross and You took the shame
You buried our death when You rose again

So let every tribe and tongue
Come and worship You alone
Let all heaven and earth and the
Universe bring praise

May the Lamb of God receive
The reward of His suffering
He is worthy
He is worthy
Worthy to receive
The Reward of His suffering

You promised the day of Your praise would come
A chorus of nations around Your throne

So let our ambitions die
As we lift our savior High
As we carry the cross and the
Gospel to the world


All glory honor and praise
All glory honor and praise
All glory honor and praise
To the Lamb that was slain

Now send us and usher the bride You love
We know though we suffer, You have won

So we're running to this world
Fearing nothing but Your Word
Our victorious King He shall have
His reward!


In view of God's mercy....

In light of global lostness....

what will YOUR response be?

Jesus is alive

Hell is real

The harvest is vast

The workers are few

The mission is clear

The call is "go"

The cost will be great

The reward will be greater

Do something bold

Don't look back

Risk it all 

He is worthy


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