Mary Mary - Gift of Love Lyrics

Gift of Love Lyrics

Before you wrap your gifts
and before you trim the tree,
don't you forget why this day came to be;
the Savior was born, that's why we celebrate,
the gift of love came on Christmas day.

Verse 1
When we were little girls, rocking ponytails and curls,
dressed up all nice and clean with big ole Christmas dreams.
Giving my little speech when it occured to me,
this time of year ain't about what we recieve so...


Verse 2
I used to have a list, wished for alot of gifts,
until I understood the reason for Christmas.
So now I make a list, wondering what I shall give,
there's got to me someone that I can share love with.


Maybe you will be the one
to give someone the love they need,
it won't even cost you nothing,
love's the greatest gift to receive.


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