Manafest - Jack & Jill Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Jack & Jill
  • Album: Reborn
  • Artist: Manafest
  • Released On: 02 Oct 2015
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Manafest Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill Lyrics

Yo man, I'd have to say,
the best thing that ever happened to me was
When I was nineteen
Old school rocking them ripped jeans
Eating ice creams
Life was but a pipe dream
I like nice things
Diamonds and wide screens
I was a kid turned king
Looking for prom queen
Then I saw her
Caught her eye staring back
We were a match made
No other guy had a chance
She played it cool though
Never moving too slow
Asked her out on a date
Of course and then you know

We fell in love man, we hung out like every single night
We talked till like 2 in the morning man
Were like the two thousand and something version
Of june carter and johnny cash baby
We toured the world together,
Building this empire for god
Yo we still in love man, we still in love

Jack and Jill
We climbed up our share of hills
Alive to share it still
God bless the feris wheel
Stayed close
For 10 years even broke
Paid it back
Watching chips, whips, start to stack
Living hand to mouth
All you hear is the doubt
The fight
The now
The will
It's the how
I thank Jesus got are life together now
It's a miracle
Supernatural power

We were so broke man, we didn't have a car,
I remember walking to
The grocery store in the freezing snow and.
We were like making sure we didn't go over budget
When we were at the counter and,
But we knew one day man,
Walking back kind a laughing
Just being like yo one day we'd be out of debt,
One day god would answer our prayers.
And he did man, check it

When you hear that voice
You got to make that choice
I changed what I fed my brain
Switched friends switched lanes
Stop driving took a plane
Put money in the bank
Get paid
I'm not afraid
Many left I stayed
This is my dream I don't trade
Putting food on my baby's plate
I love the sound a deal makes
Hand shakes
We left California
Pump the breaks
The t-dot's got a pretty landscape
We in swing, but not swinging
She's the queen, I'm kinging
Built for successful living

DJ cuts by DJ versatile
Just a young kid out chasing a dream
Chasing a dream
Just a young kid out chasing a dream
Chasing a dream

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