Lindy Cofer - Jesus The Revivalist Lyrics

Jesus The Revivalist Lyrics

Eyes full of fire 
Hair white as wool 
No one is like you

Robe dipped in blood 
Mercy for all
No one is like you 

Riding on white horse
Faithful and True

Your kingdom is coming 
You are on the move 

Jesus the revivalist you’re on the move
Pouring out your spirit, you’re on the move 
Jesus the revivalist is one the move
Sweeping through the nations, you’re on the move

Face like the sun
Feet bright like bronze 
No one is like you

Arms open wide 
Your heart beats with love
No one is like you

Strongholds being broken 
The prodigal runs home
The orphan found a father 
You are revival

Families restored 
Hearts being healed
You bind our hearts together 
You are revival 

Repentance from your people
We turn our hearts to you
Only you restore
You are revival 

Cities are awakened
Nations see your light
The earth is it the Lords 
You are revival 

The day is drawing near
When you’ll come back for your bride 
So we’re storing up the oil
You are revival
You are revival 
You are revival

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Jesus The Revivalist Lyrics -  Lindy Cofer

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