Just One Touch

Just One Touch Lyrics

I’ve searched the Earth 
When all that I needed was just one touch 
My heart is racing, my heart is changing 
As I feel Your love  .

My soul won’t rest, till I find rest in You 
For there is no peace, no freedom apart from You  .

Here at the end of me 
You are my victory 
I’m trading my scars for all that You are 
For just one touch 
With arms stretched open wide 
Come set Your heart in mine 
I’m here at Your feet 
Jesus, I need 
Just one touch  .

My joy overflows 
From all of Your beauty revealed to me 
I will not move 
Speak for Your Spirit is life to me  .

I have been longing 
I have been yearning 
In reckless abandon 
Surrendered to You  .

I feel Your fire 
I feel Your healing 
All that You are 
Is all that I’m needing


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