Kim Hill - Be Lifted Up Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Be Lifted Up
  • Album: Surrounded By Mercy
  • Artist: Kim Hill
  • Released On: 21 Mar 2006
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Kim Hill Be Lifted Up

Be Lifted Up Lyrics

My spirit cries out to You
Desperate to find a new way
To praise You for all that You are

Give me a song that is new
One that is breathing of You
Born from the depths of Your heart

I know that You inhabit
The praises of Your people
Come and inhabit
The worship of our hearts

As we cry Holy, Mighty and
Lovely are You
Gracious in all of your ways
Just and forgiving, unchanging and true
Worthy of all of our praise

Worthy of honor
Worthy of love
Be lifted up O God
Be lifted up O God

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