Keith Green - Romans VII Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Romans VII
  • Album: The Ministry Years, Vol. 2: 1980-1982
  • Artist: Keith Green
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1999
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Keith Green Romans VII

Romans VII Lyrics

There are things I hate, I end up doing
Things I wanna do, just don't do
Lord, it seems so sad,
Why am I so bad?
When in my heart
I only wanna be like You

There are ones I love, I end up hurting
Ones I wanna help, I passed right by
Now I wanna be finally set free
The grace You've shown
The love I've known
Let it shine through me

I wanna love them, the way You do
I wanna serve them, by serving You

Lord, how I know, Your tender heart must be broken
By all those unkept promises I made
The question still prevails
Please take away the vail
About how You forgive
And still You live inside me when I fail


I wanna be like You
Jesus, I do


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