Jordan Smith - So Many Reasons Lyrics

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  • Song Title: So Many Reasons
  • Album: Be Still & Know
  • Artist: Jordan Smith
  • Released On: 24 Sep 2021
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Jordan Smith So Many Reasons

So Many Reasons Lyrics

Melodies in the morning
When the sun’s awakening
Every day a new story
With mercy written in
Like a shoulder to lean on
Something money can’t buy
Like the colors of the rainbow
Lighting up the sky

With all this beauty that’s all around 
How could I not make a sound

You give me so many reasons to sing
So many reasons to sing 
La di da, la di da
La di da, la di da
And there are so many wonderful things
About the good that you bring out in me 
You give me so many reasons to sing 
Like a friend that never leaves you
No matter what you’re going through 
Can’t help myself from smiling 
Every time I think of you
And even when I’m falling 
I hear a voice that’s calling 
I can’t believe You keep in loving me 
You just keep on blessing me 

One, two, three
I’m so grateful for
Five, six, seven, eight 
How could I not appreciate 

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