JJ Heller - My Savior's Love Endures Lyrics

My Savior's Love Endures Lyrics

(verse 1)
My soul does magnify
the greatness of the Lord
On me His favor lights
In my Savior I rejoice

(verse 2)
He has done mighty things
Holy is His name
All creatures under heav'n
Fear Him whose mercy reigns

He has proven His might
His arm outstretched with strength
He has scattered the proud
and brought down all vain conceit
He has lifted the lowly
brings goodness to the poor
My Savior's love endures
My Savior's love endures

(verse 3)
Oh Israel find your help
solely in the Lord
His mercy's without end
His promise He'll uphold

Glory be to the Father and Son
Glory be to the Spirit three in One
Glory be in the beginning and the end
Glory forever, Amen

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