Jimi Cravity - Prada (The Luxury of Suffering) Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Prada (The Luxury of Suffering)
  • Album: Heaven - EP
  • Artist: Jimi Cravity
  • Released On: 06 Jan 2017
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Jimi Cravity Prada (The Luxury of Suffering)

Prada (The Luxury of Suffering) Lyrics

Verse 1
He went through hell
To get to your heart
No other way
So He couldn't stop
He is light
This is the truth
They beat His hands and they chained His hands
Cause His faith's in you
Lost control, all alone on the road full of hope
You know He was called to suffer
If He bleeds His way to heaven
You know He won’t need a doctor

Hook 1
Bleek somedays, ugly somedays
Hungry, sleepless nights
Don't eat somedays, beat somedays
But He'll never lose His fight

Verse 2
You had to go through hell
To get to my heart
And You never looked back
No You never stopped
While we were still enemies
Oh You gave everything
And it’s Your promise
That You’ll always be there
Heaven is Your home
And I'm coming home
Where I belong
Walking streets of gold

Hook 2
I'll be gold, gold

Oh, Oh
My heart belongs to You
My heart belongs to You, Oh
You and only You
You and only You
The suffering is through

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