Jennifer Knapp - Around Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Around Me
  • Album: The Way I Am
  • Artist: Jennifer Knapp
  • Released On: 20 Nov 2001
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Jennifer Knapp Around Me

Around Me Lyrics

If all the worlds were scattered,
And I found my way to here,
Then how can I love you,
The way that I love you?

Big Sky and a silver moon
The apple of Your eye
How can I explain it?
How can I maintain this? my...

...tenderness evolving
Your fatihfulness revolving
Around me
Around me
Angels in their glory
Regaling of Your story around me
Around me

One big bang, an atom I?
Oh, how'd I come to be?
Whittled from a bone
Is harder to believe

Hope in things I can not see
I know that you will come
Seasons quickly turning
Quickly You're returning my...

Treat me with an alibi
So all my friends may wonder why
I have immortal favor
The KING he gives me favor

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Around Me Lyrics -  Jennifer Knapp

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