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Lettered Love by Hillsong Worship

Song Information
  • Song Title: Lettered Love
  • Album: There Is More (Live)
  • Artist: Hillsong Worship
  • Released On: 06 Apr 2018
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Lettered Love Lyrics


Your Word shows

How much You have loved me

Sending Love to find me

Reaching to my heart

Now I see

Lettered love has found me

Littered red with mercy

Written in Your scars



So have this broken heart

And show me what Love paid for

Oh Lord let my heart beat with Yours

This lettered love

Is shaping my story


All for the praise of Your Name

All for the fame of Your glory

Jesus be all that I seek

Your presence is all that I need


Like the sun and moon

Like the night and noon

Your Word is light to me

And I’ll praise You

Splitting death and life

Like the earth and sky

Your Word is light in me

And I’ll praise You


Lord have this broken heart

For this broken heart is paid for

And shaped by the truth of Your Word

This lettered love

Has written my story

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