Lettered Love

Lettered Love Lyrics

Your Word shows
How much You have loved me
Sending Love to find me
Reaching to my heart
Now I see
Lettered love has found me
Littered red with mercy
Written in Your scars
Jesus .

So have this broken heart
And show me what Love paid for
Oh Lord let my heart beat with Yours
This lettered love
Is shaping my story .

All for the praise of Your Name
All for the fame of Your glory
Jesus be all that I seek
Your presence is all that I need .

Like the sun and moon
Like the night and noon
Your Word is light to me
And I’ll praise You .

Splitting death and life
Like the earth and sky
Your Word is light in me
And I’ll praise You .

Lord have this broken heart
For this broken heart is paid for
And shaped by the truth of Your Word
This lettered love
Has written my story

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Bible Verses for Lettered Love

John 3 : 16

For God had such love for the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever has faith in him may not come to destruction but have eternal life.

Romans 5 : 8

But God has made clear his love to us, in that, when we were still sinners, Christ gave his life for us.

1st John 4 : 11

My loved ones, if God had such love for us, it is right for us to have love for one another.

1st John 4 : 19

We have the power of loving, because he first had love for us.