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Your Story by Greater Vision

Song Information
  • Song Title: Your Story
  • Album: My Favorite Place
  • Artist: Greater Vision
  • Released On: 08 Nov 2005
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Your Story Lyrics

Verse 1
You wish your story had more meaning
So you could tell how you conquered all the pain
But, life's been gentle, even easy
You've convinced yourself you don't have much to say

Verse 2
So your story goes unspoken
A testimony that's been silenced by your fears
But, let me tell you, the day God saved you
He penned a wondrous story someone needs to hear

Your Story holds the power giving hope to the weary on their way
Your Story tells them how this God of love still reaches out with arms of Grace
You've seen what God can do. Now it's up to you to share His Glory
They're waiting to be free, wanting to believe, you have what they need
Your Story

The cross of Christ a sacrifice that cannot be denied
It took as much to save you as the thief He hung beside

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