Godwin Omighale

By Faith Lyrics

I walk (I walk) 
by faith (by faith)
Each day (each day) 
by faith (by faith)
Everyday I put my trust in You

I put my trust in You oh God
It is impossible to go through life without thee Lord
I trust in God and it come with ease
Father Lead me the way you want me to serve Lord Jesus

I trust in God
I will make it by your promise
I got faith now 

I put my trust in You 
(I put my trust in You)

I got my money (By faith) 
I've got wealth (By faith)
I've got a house (By faith) 
I've got Jesus (By faith) 

I am the head (By faith)
And not the tail (By faith) 
I am blessed (By faith)
And not cursed (By faith) 
why ? (By faith)
I put my trust in You

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