Give Thanks (Hodu)

Give Thanks (Hodu) Lyrics

Verse 1
He is the light unto the nations
He is our refuge in the storm
He is our peace in tribulation
He is our hope, the Holy One .

Chorus 1
Hodu L’Adonai Ki tov
Ki L’olam Chasdo
Hodu L’Adonai Ki tov .

Verse 2
Here we bow in adoration
Giving thanks for all He’s done
Here we stand in revelation
We are redeemed, redeemed by the Son .

All who are hungry, all who are thirsty
Come from the east and the west
All who are broken, all who need mercy
Drink from the Fountain of rest .

Oh, He is good
Oh, His Love endures
Oh, He is good
Forever .

Chorus 2
Give thanks to the Lord
For He is good, and His love endures
Give thanks to the Lord
For He is good


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